Mit Kaiser Maximilian

The Burg Hasegg

Salt extraction in the early middle ages
The grounds of the Burg Hasegg (Hasegg Castle) were already being mentioned in documents as early as 1250: As a salt works for the city of Hall. By the middle of the 15th century, the castle complex, which is still almost completely intact today, was completed. This included the prominent Mint Tower, in which coinage was exclusively created in Hall until the year 1809.

Rooms / interior furnishing
After careful renovation work, rooms complete with medieval ambiance are available in the Burg Hasegg for events accommodating anywhere from 30 to 200 individuals. This allows for celebrations directly under the trademark building of Hall in Tirol, the Mint Tower. The halls Beiheimsaal, Fürstenzimmer, Galerie and the chapel of St. George are all reachable from the inner courtyard.