Burgsommer 2015

Amazing Results in 2015!

For the 3rd time, the BurgSommerHall stands for the variety of creative arts: The “Society for the advancement of culture in Burg Hasegg castle” put together an especially wide-ranging programme, one that has been particularly well supported of late. Apparently, even the weather gods were fans of culture...

This year’s series of events began with a series of musical journeys:
MARTIN WESELY Y SUS CABALLEROS played the opening with guitar, mandolin, string bass, violin, drums and an autoharp. It was a truly lively homage to music making. The follow day, music from the centres of Buenos Aires and Montevideo could be heard. CONJUNTO DE TANGO seduced the audience with a musical journey to South America. The BRASSBAND FRÖSCHL HALL gave a guest performance in their hometown, having packed new compositions for the journey, whilst JAN JOSEF LIEFERS traveled for the first time to Tyrol: The well-known actor from the German television series Münster-Tatort, in which he plays the somewhat quirky Professor Boerne, gave a guest performance with his band RADIO DORIA at BurgSommer.
It was an exclusive concert in more ways than one: The Band’s premier was also that of the Hofratsgarten, debuting as a newly discovered, special concert location. A warm evening, a full moon, and a lit up Mint Tower set the stage for the poetic, rocking tunes of the German singer. He presented the album “Die freie Stimme der Schlaflosigkeit” and told beautiful stories that captivated the audience from the very beginning. Around 900 people attended. Together they laughed, danced and pondered the meaning of songs with subjects like “moonlight”, “heroes” and “indescribable.” “Jan Josef Liefers is someone with both feet on the ground and is a fantastic artist, one who matches exactly the style of Burgsommer. His performance was the highlight,” said Johannes Tusch, who was responsible for the event series as city councilor for culture.
The legendary FEINRIPP-ENSEMBLE kicked off the theatrical portion of BurgSommer. Actors in their underwear brought the bible to the stage, a slightly abbreviated version of a divine comedy. The HALLER THEATERHAUFEN dove into the history of Hall’s city doctor Hippolyt Guarinoni, whilst KULTURLABOR STROMBOLI played a contemplative children’s story to excite both young and old.
Tradition and innovation combined for beautiful synergy at BurgSommerHall 2015: The group BINDERTANZGESELLSCHAFT demonstrated the old craft of barrel making, reviving an old tradition. With ubuntu, a cultural initiative of SOS Children's Villages International, one looked past the borders of Hall. An all-female a capella choir from Zimbabwe opened the exhibition SOS-EDITION at the initiative’s summer festival. The SOS-EDITION, established in 2009, is an international art collection belonging to SOS Children’s Villages International. For the second time, the culture initiative ubuntu designed an exhibition as part of the BurgSommer in the Hall Mint/Burg Hasegg castle. “It is a logical complement to both the music and the theatre. ubuntu demonstrates that BurgSommer has all aspects of diversity in mind,” said Johannes Tusch.
The BurgSommerHall 2015 was an entertaining event series, which had particularly good luck with the weather. On one evening, an event had to be moved to an alternative location and a theatre evening was postponed due to poor weather. All other 22(!) events took place outdoors beneath the summer sky. The sun truly shined upon BurgSommerHall 2015!
“The success of this event series is certainly due to the people who worked to make it happen. Thanks to partners like HALL AG and the many associations in Hall, we had competent workers that truly showed what they were made of. They deserve our thanks,” said Johannes Tusch. Praise for BurgSommer also came from the mayor of Hall: “It was an event series that was not to be missed. It combined regional and trans-regional arts and culture in a special way for our city,” said Eva Maria Posch. Its future secure, BurgSommerHall will be sure to return in 2016!