Interior furnishing

In Burg Hasegg, the wedding chapel of Emperor Maximilian, the old chamber of arms, the Fürstenzimmer, the Galerie and parts of the Hall Mint museum can all be rented. Each room is under the auspices of monument conservation. A beautiful space for greeting your guests is provided by the imposing inner courtyard, where the masters once arrived in travelling carriages. Await your guests with a glass of sparkling wine and your party will be unforgettable.


Emperor Maximilian I. married his wife Bianca-Maria in this chapel. In this small, peaceful chapel, traditional, small, private and family celebrations are held.


  •  seated space for max. 32 individuals
  •  standing room for 70 individuals
  •  including an anteroom with space for 100 individuals

During the reign of Emperor Maximilian I., it was once the dining room of his majesty. The stylish simplicity makes it possible to design the room according to your wishes.

  • seated space for 40 individuals
  • standing room for 100 individuals

From this ceremonial room, Emperor Maximilian I. greeted his guests. For large events with catering, the Fürstenzimmer state room is a pleasant addition to the residential hall.


  • seated space for 90 individuals
  • standing room for 200 individuals

The chamber of arms conceals a small foyer that can be used as a cloakroom or buffet area. When the great doors are open, your guests can show themselves directly to the inner courtyard.


  • seated space for 100 individuals
  • standing room for 300 individuals

The inner courtyard with arched vaulted ceiling is the centre of the castle and can be comfortably reached from the parking area.


  •  seated space for 350 individuals
  •  standing room for 700 individuals
  •  Electric and water connections available

The museum connected to the fortress offers space for events outside of opening hours in the tower room, knight’s room and the museum courtyard. During a guided tour, let yourself and your guests be captivated by the world of coin minting and times that proceeded the dollar. A self-minted coin will reminded you of your evening in the Burg Hasegg and the Hall Mint Museum.