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Exceptional locations for unique events

For events with a special flair and plenty of space to tell your story, SALZRAUM.Hall and the city of Hall offer three exciting event locations – the Salzlager, the Kurhaus, and the Burg Hasegg – all in the heart of the historic old town. The successful interweaving of long-standing tradition with modern event equipment has been guaranteeing successful events for many years. We stand out because of our perfect service and outstanding value for money.

Our spaces are as individual as your special event. We would be happy to advise and support you during the planning process. Amidst the venerable walls of our establishment, your unforgettable event will be sure to leave your guests with many stories to tell.


As well as offering the ideal location, the success of your event stands or falls on the quality of the catering offered to your guests. From the precision discipline of the catering service, of the gala dinner, down to a simple buffet, if requested, we will help you find the right one for you from the range on offer. The excitement of your guests in our spaces is our primary and sincere goal.
As permanent partner, the Kurhaus Hall collaborates with the catering team at the Parkhotel in Hall in Tirol, so that you can rely on cuisine and service of the highest quality. In all of our event locations, the priority is to ensure the unity of both culinary and cultural delights.

Salzraum Hall

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